Introduction: K'nex Gun

This is my first instructable, it's not that great, but I tried my best. I've been working on it for about a week now. It has two different firing modes, but three ways to load it, and I'm working on a fourth where a magazine that feeds the ammo into the gun attaches to the barrel (and is detachable). If any one can help me with the design to make it better, please leave me a comment.

Step 1: Build Main Parts

this is the barrel

Step 2: Build Parts

build parts

Step 3: Assemble Parts

this is where you will assemble the previous parts

Step 4: Make the Trigger and Handle

here we'll construct the trigger and handle

Step 5: Add These Parts

self explanetory

Step 6: Extras

make the big rubber band mount.

Step 7: Reloading

there are three ways to reload the gun

1. slide it down the barrel. this is not recommended, because the ammo might slide all the way through(see picture).

2. open the barrel and slide in the ammo(see picture).

3. fill the barrel with four shots and shoot 4 times(see picture).