Introduction: KAMARKATTU

Kamarkattu is a south indian traditional candy made of palm jaggery or jaggery which are very rich in iron and calcium helps to small children and even adults giving major role in increasing HB level.


1.Grated Coconut

2.Palm jaggery or Jaggery

3.Roasted Gram


Step 1: Jaggery Syrub

1. Take a cup of Grated Coconut.

2. In a pan add Jaggery or Palm Jaggery of your choice.

3.Add little water and switch on the flame.

4.Let the jaggery melt and boil few minutes

Step 2: Kamarkattu Mixture

1. Add Roasted Gram in a jaggery mixture.

2. Let the Jaggery mixture to turn into a Paste.

Step 3: Kamarkattu

Make it a ball while it is hot or you can make your own shape out of that paste. Healthy kamarkattu is ready to serve.

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