Introduction: Kids Zone-Indoor Decor

Welcome ghost and ghoulies ! Here i am going to make spooky little black cat with a black paper. Not only the cat for this party. There are lot of sinister guests going to be welcomed.

Step 1: Spooky Black Cat

1. Grab a black paper or chart and fold it 3/4th. Cut the excess sheet and keep it aside.

2. Cut the big size paper according to your idea to make the body of the cat.

3. Now grab that excess paper and cut it to make a cat tail. Just do some zig zag's and make it a tail and paste it in a Cat's body.

4.Fold a paper and cut it like cat's face. Now give the cat its features. In a excess piece Cut two triangle's and paste it for cat's ear.

Step 2: Witchy Bat

1. Take a piece of black paper and fold it twice as like in the picture.

2. Draw bat's shape over that folded paper.

3. Cut it accordingly. Now unfold the paper and see the shape of a bat.

4. You can draw bat's scary eyes over that.

Step 3: Scary Ghost

1. Take a paper and cut a part of it. Now fold the paper front and rear.

2. Draw the shape of a ghost partly once that you cut it over the lines you can get the whole structure when you unfold it.

3. The length of the ghosts depend upon the length of the paper that you fold. You can paste the paper to increase the length of its cycle.

Step 4: Ominous Spider

1. Take a paper and fold it front and back as shown in the picture.

2. On one side of folded area draw the lines and cut it.

3. Remove the excess part. If we unfold it we can get the chain of spiders.

Step 5: Witchy Haunted House

1. Take a black card behind that always keep a yellow sheet.

2. Cut the sheet and make a wall for the house.

3. Cover all the four sides and paste it.

Step 6: Ghost O' Buster

1. Grab a piece of paper and draw ghost looking face.

2. Cut the excess area and hang it.

Step 7: Witch's World

Grab a paper and draw witch's world. Inside of it draw scariest creatures like bat, Halloween pumpkins, scarier trees,etc.,

Step 8: My Decor

Here is the arrangement finally i have made. Welcome to the Halloween!

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