Introduction: KAST R4

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This is the KAST R4. The CQB version of the KAST R3.
A very good gun.
Good Power
Mid Cap Mags
Holds an Extra Magazine in the Stock.
Medium Accuracy
Modded Pieces (OPTIONAL) (Reduce loading issues)
Sometimes Loading Issues (Not completely gone even with modded pieces)

Step 1: Stock + Handle

The stock of the gun (with the handle as well). It can hold an extra magazine. Yay!

Step 2: Front

The front barrel area.

Step 3: Main Body

This is the main part of the gun.

Step 4: Assembly

Assemble the gun.

Step 5: Magazine + Loading

The magazines. These can be built in dif. sizes.

Step 6: Done!

Video soon!
Congrats! You are done!
PM me if you need help!