Introduction: K.B.O.S

About: I like Minecraft, Medieval architecture (primarily castles), K'nex guns, and things that explode. Be sure to check out my K'nex guns and SUBSCRIBE!!!

This is K'nexBuild's Oodammo Sidearm. It is more accurate than some oodammo pistols, because the oodammo flys more stable than other guns. I have built other oodammo pistols, and the bullets tumble in flight. Even when the DunKILLMeZak fires the oodammo tumbles in flight. This doesn't have any removable ammo clips, but it makes up for that in the magazine capacity. It holds 14 rounds of oodammo. It gets 50 feet of range, and has good accuracy. Please rate, comment, and SUBSCRIBE. It only takes one second to press the button.