Introduction: KNEX HPR-V1

About: Im am artist, i make the best guns ever when im bored just check them. There insanely good!!!
This is is my first knex sniper rifle the HPR-V1.Its extreamly powerful capable of piercing and going straight through multiple Aluminium cans.It is even capable of piercing tin cans(which are much harder to pierce than ordinary cans),old cd`s which shatter,and carboard.It has a solid robust design and weighs 5 kilos.I have no vids of the gun being fired because the origanal footage was deleted,and the elastic bands on the gun became brittle and snaped.But when i get more i will post it on you tube.

Step 1: The Gun Itself

make this if u can.

Step 2:

A closer look at the scope.I designed it to be solid and robust the same as the gun.When u look through it u can see an + shaped cross hair.It is also shaped around the eye so it is comfortable to look through.

Step 3:

Butt and handle comfortable but heavy.

Step 4:

Open low friction barrel,Bi pod and grip.

Step 5:

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