Introduction: RMDSS V1.1 (Removable Magazine Dual Shot Shotgun) - Build!

Here it is, the instructions for building my RMDSS v1.1. These took a very very very long time to make. (not to mention counting all the pieces)

Anyway I hope you build it if you have the pieces, and if you do, let me know what you think of my gun!!!

For more pictures of the finished gun head over here

-Fires two shots at the same time
-Looks quite awesome
-Comfy (even distribution of weight)
-Has awesome red dot sight (modded from knexpete's)
-Has two ram-rods
-Has a sturdy pin guide
-Large mag capacity -->18 rounds (9 shots) (mag can be extended too!!!)
-Can hold many rubberbands
-Awesome range - 30-60 feet (30= ~1 band, 60 = ~4-5 bands)
-Removable and preloadable double mag with internal pusher (modded from Knex.X's)
-Epic pullback length
-Uses the awesome handle from my ASR v1!!
-Never jams

-Very piece consuming (it's 9 layers thick...)
-Uses a few cut pieces (but don't all guns use 'em nowadays?)

Special Thanks:
Knex.X - Magazine
knexpete - Red dot sight

Step 1: Piece Count

Just a warning, this gun uses A LOT of pieces. When I say a lot, I mean a lot. 

Blue – 21
Green – 20
Red – 52
Yellow – 171
Orange – 73
Gray – 56 + 18 bullets
Light Gray – 18

Green – 386 + 18 for bullets
White – 114
Blue – 32
Yellow – 12
Grey – 3

Blue – 17
Gray – 2

Blue Clip – 7
Tan Clip – 29
Y-Connector – 72
Ball Joint (female) – 13

::Cut Pieces::
Blue cut for 5 pieces – 3
Ends of them – 4
½ green rods – 4
Optional – 1 cut white rod

>>TOTAL – 1139 + 1 optional (including 18 bullets)<<

Alright, now let's get building, shall we?

Step 2: Magazine

Step 3: Front Half

Step 4: Back Half

Step 5: Red Dot Sight

Step 6: Assembly and Finishing Touches

Ok! Just put a couple bands on the ram and you're ready to go.

Let me know what you think and how the gun works for you in the comments!
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