Introduction: K'NEX Rocket Launcher

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This is my newly built K'NEX rocket launcher- named the Lyfebreaker. It is powered by a notebook spring.

Step 1: Firing Mechanism

These pictures show the launcher primed and loaded, and not primed or loaded.

Step 2: Sights

...And these are the sights.

Step 3: Back Support/ Rear Flare

This is the back support and the opening the imaginary "back-blast" would come out of.

Step 4: Ammo- Rocket

This is the kind of rocket it shoots.

Step 5: My M72LAW Replica

This is my other rocket launcher. It's obviously not K'nex... It shoots water bottle rockets. It is exactly to scale and weight of the real thing. I built it last summer.

Step 6: Thanks for Viewing!

Thanks for looking! I post ibles on request!