K'Nex Cable Car

Introduction: K'Nex Cable Car

This is a fun, easy car to build, but it will not climb steep inclines.

Step 1: Parts Count

Rods: Green-4 White-6 Blue-4 Yellow-6 Red-1

Connectors: Red-2 Yellow-2 White-2 Gray 3D-16

Other: Blue Spacers-6 Tan Clips-2 Metallic Blue Clips-2 Big Tires-2 Yarn-16' Chairs-2 Heavy Objects-2

Step 2: Base

Take 4 yellow rods & attach them to 2 gray 3D pieces

Step 3: Motor Holder

Take 2 yellow connectors & attach them to 3 white rods each.

Take 4 more sets of 2 gray 3D pieces & attach them to the Base with 4 green rods.

Take 2 yellow rods & attach them to the gray pieces.

Attach the yellow connectors with white rods to the gray pieces.

Put a red connector with two blue rods at the top of both sides of the cable car.

Step 4: The Motor

Take 2 big tires, 6 blue spacers, 2 tan clips, 2 metallic blue clips, 1 red rod, 2 white connectors & a green motor.

Take the green motor and attach 2 white connectors, then insert 1 red rod.

Step 5: The Running Gear

Take 4 blue spacers & attach them on either side.

Take the 2 tan clips & attach them next to the blue spacers.

Take the 2 tires & put them on the tan clips.

Take 2 blue spacers & put 1 on each side.

Insert the red rod into the 2 red connectors.

Take the 2 metallic clips & put them on the red rod.

Step 6: You Are Finished!

Tie 2 pieces of yarn (8 feet long) to the rungs of 2 chairs, making sure there is sufficient weight on the chairs to keep them from moving together or toppling over.

Place the tire grooves onto the taut yarn.


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