Introduction: Kabobs Sans Grill


Pork tenderloin

Cherry tomatoes

Onions and peppers

Seasoning of your choice


Bamboo skewers


I thought I was making kabobs for dinner, when I realized we were out of charcoal. Thinking outside of the box, I decided to try it with my crockpot.

Step 1: Prep

I seasoned the meat and cut it into cubes about 3/4". I put about a cup of water in the crockpot and turned it on high.

Using bamboo skewers, I alternated meat and veg on each one and carefully placed the kabobs over the crockpot. Using kitchen (chicken) shears, I cut one end of of each kabob to allow it to sit on the inside beveled edge of the top of the pot.

Step 2: Two Hours Later...

The lid gasket fit nicely over the ends of the skewers to hold them in place. The finished dish was served over yellow rice, and came out very tender and tasty!