Kacher Brovina (Mini Tesla Transformer)

Introduction: Kacher Brovina (Mini Tesla Transformer)

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This is called "Kacher Brovina" miniature Tesla transformer. The generation frequency to 10 kHz at a voltage at the output of 6-10kV. The scheme represents a primitive blocking oscillator. 12 volt power supply. Sorry I do not speak in English, write a translator :) coil is wound on PVC pipe, wire 0.125 mm in 1000-1500 turns. secondary coil 3 - 6 turns of wire of 1.5-2mm, 12-volt motor, miniature. inside the circuit with the first figure.

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    5 years ago

    i never understood tesla transformer, i think i should try to build one.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    hi i very interested with these thing long ago, please can you help me.I have sec coil i tried something to do but i failed but now i want to repeat experiments.It was my first sec coil and i was a little bit messy and i wanna to know does it effects if i a little bit bad winded the coil.ps you can answer in russian.waiting for answer :)