Introduction: Kamishibai Theater

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So this is the theater I made myself. I made it as a school project with 3 other students. I was the leader of the group. I designed this theater myself based off Kamishibai's I found on the internet. I also added some improvements. It has lights, front doors and a curtain that rolls up and down automaticly. It's about 50cm high and 70 cm wide. It is suitable for A3 illustrated cards.

For those of you who are new to
Kamishibai (kah-mee-she-bye), this form of storytelling originated in Japan. Most Kamishibai stories consist of 12 or 16 large (15" x 10.5") sturdy, beautifully illustrated cards. On the back is the English translation of the text, with the original Japanese beside it.

I use it in the class I teach (9 year olds) to tell them stories. It's alot more fun then just telling the story with the book in your hands and showing them the pictures. Now they have this awesome theater to look at and while they are looking at the illustrated cards I tell them the story that's printed on the back of the cards. Everything you see in these pictures was handmade from scratch. No kits or anything was bought.

I also made the cards myself by scanning, printing and laminating them.

If a teacher is reading this I would seriously advice you to try and build something like this. It will really be an improvement in your class. Trust me. You can see how it works here:

If enough people like and comment this instructable I will write up an 'ible. I have taken alot of "during" pictures (that are not in this slideshow) and I can scan in the plans I made. Just leave comments :)

I apologize for the first pictures to be so bad. My camera had broken down by then so I had to use my cellphone. I'll try to take better pictures soon :)