Introduction: Karaoke Setup in Tinkercad

Hi Guys! Today I will tell you how to make a karaoke setup in Tinkercad. Karaoke setup in Tinkercad is very easy and as I love to make new things in Tinkercad, this one was good (for me). Let's learn now!!

Step 1: Making the Giant Speaker

First, we have to make a speaker and not any speaker, a giant speaker. Take the cube shape and drag it to the workplane. Increase the height and change the color to black. Then, get the sphere shape and attach it to the upper part of the cube. Duplicate it and attach the next one to the lower part. Change the color to Light brown. Group them altogether and be sure to click on multicolor. Now duplicate it and align it to the opposite corner.

Step 2: TV Setup

For the TV setup, Take the the polygon and stretch it. Attach each corner to each speaker respectively. Then, take the wedge shape and place it on top of the polygon. Stretch it higher. Then take 2 cubes and place them in front of each other. Select them altogether and group them to make the TV and attach it to the upper part of the wedge.

Step 3: Mike Setup

Have you ever imagined a concert without mikes. Nah! so the same rule is with karaoke. A mike is a must. So for the mike setup, get scribble block and make a curved line. Then place a polygon as a little table on which the mike is lying. For the mike, get cone shape and rotate it upside down. Then place the half- sphere shape on top of it. rotate the mike to 90 degrees and place it on top of the table with the pointy end attached to the string.

Step 4: Making the Benches

For the benches, go to the OMSI Hangout space and drag the bench to the workplane. Take five of them and place them on a straight line. Be sure to group them altogether and place them so that there is space for the table.

Step 5: The Table

Drag six cylinders to the workplane and place them as 3 in front and 3 in back. Then, take a cube and set the length and width as per the placement of the cylinders. Flaten it down and place it on top of the cylinders. Group them altogether.

Step 6: My Final Karaoke Setup

This is my final karaoke setup. Hope my steps are understandable and you guys like it.

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