Introduction: Kawaii Totoro Device Case

This is a really cute case of Totoro from Studio Ghibli's My Neighbor Totoro. Anime fans, enjoy!

Step 1: What You Will Need

Grey, white, black, and green felt, A pen or marker, thread and a needle, scissors, and hot glue. Also, if you aren't good a free hand drawing, templates for a oval, triangle, diamonds, and circles of various sizes.

Step 2: Making the Body

The first thing you need to do is cut two identical pieces of felt in grey. They should be rectangles and they should be 1 and a half centimeters larger than the device you are making the case for. I'm making one for a 3ds so the measurements are 10 and a half centimeters by 16 and a half centimeters.

Step 3: Making Totoro's White Spot

This step is fairly simple. Trace the oval on a white piece of felt and cut out. Hot glue it onto the center of one of the grey rectangles. It should look like the first picture. Next, you want to trace the triangle on grey felt seven times and cut it out. Place them on the white spot, 3 on top 4 on the bottom. You can put them in an arch formation for extra cuteness.

Step 4: Making the Eyes, Nose, and Ears

Trace two larger circles on the white felt. Cut them out and hot glue them onto the grey body. Take the black felt and cut out two smaller circles and hot glue them onto the white circles. These are the eyes. Trace another triangle in black and glue it between the eyes. This is the nose. Take the diamond shapes and trace them on the grey felt. Glue them on the top on the case to form the ears. A pentagon shape may work better for some, if you add a lot of glue. The ears should be glued to the back of this piece. Put this piece to the side for a while.

Step 5: Adding a Tail

Take the other piece of grey felt to glue the tail on. To make the tail shape, take some grey felt and cut out an oblong shape. It may look like a dirigible. Glue this to the back of the grey rectangle.

Step 6: Sewing the Case Together

This step can be a little tricky. Take both grey rectangles and lie them directly on top of each other. Take the needle and thread. Thread the needle and push it through the top of the caee. Tie a knot on the back so it doesn't go through. I also hot glued the thread on the back. It doesn't matter which side you start on, but for aesthetic values, I'd recommend starting through the back. Sew around three edges, not the top. Cut the thread and hot glue at the end. For extra support, you may want to hot glue some of the creases to make sure it doesn't fall apart. You should pick off extra hot glue. You can stop here, or you can follow through the next steps for a soot sprit key chain and a leaf handle.

Step 7: Soot Sprit and Leaf Handle

The soot sprit will be made with black and white felt. Take the black felt and cut a raggedy circle out of it. This is the soot spirt body. Make two white small circle that will fir on the soot spirt body. Glue them into the body. My soot spirt isn't very good, but yours will be better. Make two smaller dots with black. I recommend using a hole puncher. Glue these on the white dots. Put this to the side for now. Take the green felt and make a long leaf shape. This is going to be Totoro's hat. Glue it to the side of Totoro's head. Take the soot sprit and glue it to the other side of his head.

Step 8: You Are Done!

The Totoro case is now complete. Put your device in it and go!
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