Introduction: Keep It Simple: Fifteen Quick Never Made for It Low Cost Tips

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Save money and time so you can enjoy the things you like to do. Start a new project or take a rest, just like our dog.

Step 1: Be Strong

Keep your wallet closed. A very unusual use for a wallet, but thinking twice about what you want and how to get saves money! Nine out of ten times you can use something to reach your goal by using things you already have, just think out of the box.

Step 2: Done in a Minute

Do you have a boring table- or floor lamp and a hat you never wear? Arrange a marriage for those two and put your lamp a hat on.

Step 3: Forget the Landfill

Is your refrigerator not working any longer ? Use him outside as a cabinet for garden tools, pots, paint etc. You can cover your fridge with plants, I let Passion flower grown all over it.

Step 4: Not the Beach But the Kitchen

Sand shapes are not just fun for the beach, they are also fun and very handy in the kitchen! Use them for rice, cous cous, potato puree, jelly-o etc. It gives just that little bit extra to your dinner, the eye wants something too.

Step 5: Collect Your Bottle Caps

Bottle caps can be used for a lot of things (fly curtain, washer, jewelry, step stones etc). Use an empty bottle to collect. Make a triangle shape on top of an empty bottle and start collecting.

Step 6: No Hardware Store Needed

No washers for hand? Get them out of bottle caps! All you need is a hammer, two different size whole punchers and some waste wood to hammer on.

Step 7: Storage Space Everywhere

Do you have a candlelight lantern that you never use? Fill it with shells, driftwood, dinky toys etc. and change the lantern into a mini glass cabinet.

Step 8: An Other Less Than a Minute "project "

Do you want to protect the armrest of your chairs or sofa from dirt? You can use placemats quick and easy.

Step 9: Some More Space

Need a magnetic board because your fridge has no spot left? Or do you not want to use your fridge as a magnetic board but you do have cast iron pans hanging on the wall? Use the bottom as a magnetic board.

Step 10: Easy Hanging

Curtain rod is easy and cheap to make with PVC pipe as long as the fabric is not too heavy. Saw the pipe to the right size, attach special PVC clamps in the correct size to the wall and click in the pipe. If white is not your color, sand the pipe and paint it with PVC suitable paint. Or just make a rod to hang your jewelry on.

Step 11: On a Bargain

Regularly another tablecloth but do not want to buy? Take a plain cloth and use colorful tea towels to give your table a different look.

Step 12: Your Puppy Save at Night

A new puppy but no bench for the night and an easy to clean floor? Take an old table, preferably with metal legs to avoid damage because of chewing, and attach wire mesh around with cable ties. Use some scrap wood for a door. Drill 3 holes on both the longest side of the wood and attache the door with cable ties to the wire mesh. Use rope as closure. The easiest way to clean the bench is to put it with one side to the wall in which case only 3 sides need to be fitted with wire mesh. To clean you just simply slide the table away.

Step 13: That Will Do the Trick

Do you have a puppy or dog that is constantly playing with her water bowl? Use a bucket and flowerpot to make an appropriate fitting for the bowl. Attach the bucket with a rope. No falling water bowls any longer and the water bowl itself is still easy to clean and fill.

Step 14: Quick Jewelry

Leftovers of rubber gasket can easily changed into a necklace. All you need is different size of whole punchers, scissors and some wire or thread and rubber gasket of course. Cut the figure you like, make some wholes and ad to wire or thread.

Step 15: Blowing in the Wind

Is your outdoor table cloth blowing away? Use paper clips to secure.

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