K'ex War SMG.

Introduction: K'ex War SMG.

About: I love building k'nex and have been for about 3-5 years now, but i'm still not great at building things, so i'm gonna try to learn some stuff about building something in my minds eye.

This SMG I made is for war. It is small, but stings!! It took me, like, 30 mins. to 90 mins. Here are its pro's and con's:

PRO'S - Range is Great! (mostly)

- Ram is easy to pull back!

- Ram doesn't bend while pulled back!

- Great mag pusher!

- Comfortable handle!

- VERY accurate!

- Holds 16 rounds!

- Low piece count!


- The bullets occasionally jam.

- The range IS mostly great, but a few shoot short ( But fortunately, rarely)

- Takes 2 broken pieces.

- The gun is sometimes harsh on my rubber bands, causing the bands to occasionally to snap.

- Trigger is a little hard to pull.

Step 1: Pictures of Finished SMG

Here they are!

Step 2: That's It!

There! A nice, light-weight SMG. I don't know for sure what it looks like... BUT don't think this is a piece of junk! It is an AMAZING gun! Most of all, it does work great. YES, by the way, the hande DID come from dutchwarlord's FALL gun. I give credit to him for the handle. If you guys want, i could probably post instructions...if it's too hard to figure out... Please comment on what you think! Don't be hatin' please. :-)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Not bad! It could use some work in the looks department, but this is meant for war so it doesn't really matter. :)

    A Risen Devil
    A Risen Devil

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, i thought the same. I got hit with one, and it felt like a bee sting. It's a really powerful gun!