Introduction: Key Fob Fishing Lure From Fimo

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I liked the fishing lure key fob that I previously made of Black Walnut wood, that I decided to make one of Fimo clay.

Step 1: Get Some Fimo

Step 2: Shape Into a Look Alike Bait Fish

Step 3: Make a Spinner Thingy

Step 4: Dril the Holes

Step 5: Drill Pilot Holes & Add Brass Pin , Drill Eye Ring Holes Too

add brass pin for aluminum spinner thingy, cut off and round over ends, drill small holes for eye rings (hook hangers)

Step 6: Bake in Oven

bake it in a small or large oven, I used a toaster oven that I saved for shop projects. 265 degrees for 30 minutes will do it!

Step 7: Baking

Step 8: Drill Holes for Eyes, Add Hooks

drill small shallow holes for eyes, 3/16 " beads, super glue gel works well, use a small amount on a toothpick,make & add soft wire hooks too.

Step 9: Attach to Your Key Ring and Enjoy

Step 10: Enjoy

Step 11: Oh, Yes, Please Vote for My Instructable! I Really Could Do So Much More With the Huricane Laser !

Yes , the contest states that I say what I would do with aHuricane laser if I win! Well, the things I would make would be awesome! I would'nt have to use grinding wheels, sanders or hand tools any more. I could cut out all of my project in record time, clean, safely and  better. So please vote for  my 'ible! Thanks so much!

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