Introduction: Teach Your Duck to Make LED Circuits !

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Ducks are very intelligent creatures! They are highly under rated. So I decided to teach my duck how to make LED circuits. 

Step 1: Soldering Is the Most Difficult for Him

By far, soldering is most difficult for him. He has a tough time holding the soldering iron. Feathers are good for flying but that is it.

Step 2: Simple LED Circuits

I started him out with a simple LED circuit, 4.5 volts, 5 LEDs, three button batteries, no big deal.

Step 3:

Step 4: He Did Pretty Well, Considering!

He did pretty well considering, he is a duck! Ducks are very intelligent. Once he got the correct annode - cathode thing figured out , all went smoothly .

Step 5: He Even Got It to Flash and Pulse!

I was impressed, he even got the circuit to flash and pulse. Good job!

Step 6: I Then Decided to See If He Could Dremel !

I let him use my dremel tool. He took to it like a duck takes to water. (pun intended) !This is now his favorite tool!

Step 7: I Caught Him Sniffing Super Glue!

Some of his feathers were stuck together! Hey, there is no glue in this instructable!

Step 8: Time for His Reward.

Everyone deserves a reward for doing a good job. Guess what ducks crave? Duckweed in water!

Step 9: The End

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