Introduction: Key Ring of Pom-poms

Easy and Handy Pom Poms Keychain to Place Wherever You Choose


Yarn of coloured wool
Normal thread for sewing
Key ring
Brush brush

Step 1: Make Pom-poms

Select a wool thread of the preferred color and turn the fingers until you get the necessary amount for the pompom, cut and then proceed to tie in the middle with a thread of approximately 7cm, tie and pull out of the fingers, is cut at the ends and we form the pompom

Step 2: Cut and Form the Pompom

We cut with the help of scissors the pom poms and form a small ball, then with the help of the brush comb dehydrate the pom-pom until it is well haired

Step 3: Perform the Rest of the Pom-poms

In the same way perform the rest of the pom-poms until you have 7 units of pom-poms

Step 4: Form the Fringe

With the help of a card turn the thread around the card until you get the desired amount, before removing from the card pass a thread of approximately 7 cm and tie one end, then measure 1 cm and give 3 turns or more to form the head, then cut the other end again, measure and match the tips and the fringe is ready

Step 5: Sew the Pom-poms and Fringe

With the help of the sewing thread and the needle we join the pom-poms and finally the fringe

Step 6: Place the Key Chain

Once the pom-poms and the fringe are joined, place the key chain by the seam between the pom-poms and our pom-pom key ring is ready
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