Introduction: Keyboard Clutch Wallet

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Easy, Quick and Cheap women's Clutch Wallet in 10 Steps. I've seen plenty of mens bifold wallets on here but zero action for the Ladies. So here it is in 10 easy steps. Estimated Cost: old keyboard $1, Clear tape $4

What you'll need:
-An old keyboard
-Screw drivers (phillips, and flathead)
-Clear packing Tape
-Pen/ Sharpie

Start by tearing apart the old key board. Any external keyboard should work (really old ones are all Mircochip board not what we want), laptops have them but they are usually smaller and not as cheap to come by.  For this project we only want the inside circuit sheets, but there are so many things to do with the whole board, you get 108 keys to make pictures, magnets or thumbtacks, and a small circuit board to make jewelry, pictures, keychains, etc.

After taking off the keys and removing all the screws you should find 3 sheets hooked together by a small piece of glue. Take them apart and set aside the clear middle sheet. We only want the colorful pathway sheets with all the details. 

Step 1: Template and Steps 1-3

Start by measuring and marking on the circuit board based on the Template provided. You will need 2 Card holder pieces, top flap and Front and Back pieces. I used the part leftover thick pieces cut from the sheet, (closest to the microchip part) for the Fastener and Loop. 

Lay out some money and a Credit card/ ID card to make sure they will fit around the template cutouts. 

Follow the PDF or Images. 

Step 2: Step 4...Already

Pretty straight forward, attach the front to the back with tape. make sure to remove the excess

Step 3: Step 5-6

It is easier to attach tape to the top flap first,# then fold the tape over onto the back side. 

Step 4: Step 7-8

The images explain better than words can. Apply the fastener to the center top flap. Tape the loop where ever the fastener lines up and you are pretty much done. 

Step 5: Final

You now should have yourself a one-of-a-kind Keyboard Clutch wallet. Its durable, geeky and unique.

Credits for helping with the design, Instructable User Zieak's keyboard wallet tutorial. 

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