Introduction: Keyboard Hideaway

If you are faced with the problem of the surface of your desk being too high to comfortably type on your keyboard or laptop, this may be a solution for you. After reviewing the possibility of installing an under-the-desk keyboard drawer, I realized that after all the effort of installing the drawer it would still be too high for my comfort.

Using white trays designed to slide under chairs and sofas to give you a surface for your meal, you can have a place for your keyboard, with enough room to also park your mouse, and your pen etc.

Step 1: Getting Things Sorted Out

This picture shows the two trays that I use for my keyboard and laptops.

They are at a convenient height yet out of the way when they are not being used..

After assembling the tray, adjust it to the height that will accommodate whatever you want to have on it.

Check to see that it is the right height for typing comfort yet able to slide under the desk,

Step 2: Main Keyboard Location

My main keyboard is under my monitor.

When it is not in use it slides completely under the desk unit.

When I need to access the keyboard, I slide it out and it is at a height that is comfortable for me.

I have a wireless keyboard placed on top of a laptop.

When I want to access programs that are only on that laptop, I can remove the wireless keyboard, put it aside and then work on the laptop which is also at a comfortable level for typing etc.

Step 3: A Space for a Second Computer

I have a second tray, with another laptop, which, went not in use, is under the counter adjacent to my desk.

When I need to use the programs on that computer, I slide it out and around so that it is at a 90 degree angle to my keyboard tray.

When I am not using it, I can slide it back under the counter out of the way.

There is still room under this tray for a file storage box since I don't use that area as a desk.