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Reuse those old keyboards you have to make a message board where you can say anything you want! It's easy to make and when your done it's so much fun to use it and make messages or notes! Lets start! 

Step 1: Materials

I didn't put all of the supplies in the picture, so make sure to read this!


2-3 broken or unused keyboards
Disinfectant wipes
Dish soap
HOT water 
Paper bags/ Ziploc bags
and a old towel or sponge

Step 2: Getting the Keys

First, get both of the keyboards and use the screwdriver to pry off the keys. But be careful, don't pry to hard, or the keys will break when you get them off. When you have finished taking all of the keys off the keyboards, choose which keyboard you want for your message board then get rid of the other one.

When you are taking off the spacebar, use the screwdriver to pry off one side, then use your fingers to hold it there, then with your other hand, use the screwdriver to pry off the other side, and gently pull of the spacebar. This will allow for minimal damage to it.

Step 3: Cleaning the Keys and Board

Now that you have the board with no keys on it, isn't it just a little dirty?

Take a disinfectant wipe and clean each of the keys, or you can put multiple in the wipe and move them around to clean all of them. Then sit them text up so they dry faster.

BOARD CLEANING: Turn the board over and take out all of the screws and pry the back panel off of it. Then take out all of the circuits and wires. Take the side where the keys were on and put it in hot water and use some dish soap on it too. Let it sit there for 5-10 minutes then use a old towel or sponge to wipe off the grime, then let it dry. For the other side of the keyboard, just use a disinfectant wipe on it. 

Then screw the boards back together and your message board is almost done!

Step 4: Organizing the Keys

First off, your going to want to separate the keys into different piles, I only did 2, ABC's and the rest of them, but you should probably have 3-4. When you have finished putting the keys in different piles, take some paper bags or Ziploc bags and label what kind of keys will be going in it. Then put the keys in the bags, and your done organizing!    

Step 5: Putting on Your Message

Now you get to do the fun part! Putting on the message! Take out the keys needed, but try to only have 2-3 of each letter/number being used, or you won't be able to put down your message. Then put the keys onto the keyboard, you should hear a snapping sound when they go on the board, if you don't hear that noise, take out the key and try putting it in again. YAY! Your done! Now you can:

Leave notes
Leave messages 
Make your shopping list
Make a sign
Look cool
Be awesome!

Oh! And thank you for reading my instructable, and good luck making your board!

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