Introduction: Map to Gift Wrap!

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So you don't want to buy wrapping paper for the holidays, now what? Well if you can find some old maps that you don't use, then you can make and wrap your gifts for cheap! Also, sorry some of the pictures are dark, this is my first Instructable! But enjoy!

Step 1: Supplies

These are the basics for making the wrapping paper, you can color it or whatever, but this should be all you need to wrap your gifts:

Gift (most important part!)
Old maps

The tape only needs to have one sticky side, in case you were wondering.

Step 2: Measure

Put your gift in the center of the map, then measure 3-4 inches away from each side, and make a mark with the sharpie where you measured, then cut up from that point all the way up the map. You don't have to mark on the top or bottom, only on the sides of the gift.

Step 3: Folding and Cutting

Now fold down the two flaps that are above the gift, not the ones on the side, and tape them both down after folding them. then the two flaps on the side, you will want to cut off 1/2 a inch or 1 inch off of them, just enough that both sides could touch when you fold them on top of one-another. Now take the flaps the two small sides and fold both down so they look like a side of a triangle. The video is kind of fuzzy, but it shows you how to fold in the sides if you couldn't understand the description.

Step 4: Final Folding

Now, you have two options, the easy ugly way to finish folding, or the harder fancy way to finish folding,

Easy Ugly way: Take these two flaps and fold all the way to one side of the package and tape down

Harder Fancy way: Take one of the two flaps and fold it down, tape, then take the other and put it on top of the other flap, tape, but you have to be precise or it wont look good or fancy

Step 5: Decorate!

This step is customizable! All I did was make a bow from a long thin strand of paper, and I tied it like you would tie your shoe laces. Then I wrote who the gift was going to and who it was from. You can do whatever you want, color it, glue it, glitter it, It really only makes it look better. So there you go! How to turn maps in to wraps!

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