Keyring Hook

Introduction: Keyring Hook

Step 1: Materials

-Some kind of tool that can force the keyring to open up (I chose scissors)

Step 2: Prying It Open

Insert your scissors in between the metal bands of the keyring. Then orient your tool so that you are able to pry open the key ring so that one of the ends, the hook, juts out at around a 90 degree angle.

Step 3: Move and Adjust

Some key rings are malleable enough so that you will be to make adjustments until you get your desired shape

Step 4: And There You Go

Simply find a good spot to use your new hanger and a very cheap hanger that is fairly sturdy. I am a college student so I use them to hang things from the bottom of my lofted bed which sits over my desk.

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    Nice quick hack, and so cheap too! Welcome to instructables! Thanks for sharing your awesome hack!