Introduction: Khet Eye of Horus Beam Splitter

This instructable will show you how to make your own Eye of Horus beam splitter pieces for the Khet board game.

Step 1: Stuff

for this you will need:
electrical tape (any tape should do)
hot glue
clear plastic CD case
something to cut the plastic with

Step 2: The Plastic

cut a rectangle out of the plastic trying not to crack it. the width should be the diagonal of a square on the board and the height can be whatever you want.

Step 3: The Base

Cut a square out of the cardboard the same size as the squares on the board. Apply the tape to the top of the cardboard square for thickness and strength. put a bead of hot glue across the diagonal of the square and stick the plastic in it, keeping it upright.

Step 4: Finish

Before the glue completely dries put the piece on the board and fire the laser to make sure the shot lines up.

It's not the best but it works