Introduction: Kid Cos: DIY Wonder Woman Tiara and Bracelets for Your Baby Girl

Do you have a little Wonder Woman fan in your house? Many girls have taken a huge interest in the Amazonian princess these years! However, Dressed in common Wonder Woman Costume may be too much for a kid younger than 12 years old, so the accessories parts need to show more childishness. Here we prepared a kid Cos version DIY Wonder Woman Tiara and Bracelets Tutorial for you, hope it can make your lovely girl happy!

Step 1: DIY Wonder Woman Bracelets


Gold glitter

duck tape (or gold glitter)

Red glitter




Cardboard Paper

Tube (a paper towel tube works perfectly)

Step 3: INSTRUCTIONS on DIY Wonder Woman Bracelets

Start off by making the red glitter stars.

Step 4: Draw or Trace the Shape of Two Stars Onto Your Cardboard. Cut Out the Stars.

Step 5: Apply a Light Coat of Glue All Over the Front of the Star and Sprinkle a Generous Coating of Red Glitter Overtop. Shake Off the Excess and Set Aside to Dry.

Step 6: ​Next, Prepare the Gold Glitter Bracelets. Cut the Cardboard Tube to the Right Length for Your Cuffs. If Using Gold Glitter Ducktape, Wrap the Ducktape Around the Paper Towel in Even Rows.

Trim the ducktape and then cut a slit down each Bracelet for them to easily slid onto forearms.

(If using gold glitter, apply glue all over the outside of the tube and apply a generous coating of gold glitter. Let dry before you cut the slits.) Once the red glitter stars are dry, attach them with glue to the front of the gold Bracelets. Remember to let the glue dry completely!

Step 7: DIY Wonder Woman Tiara


Craft foam in red and gold (use pre-glittered craft foam if available)


Craft knife

Glue gun

1/2" wide elastic

Use glitter foam to make this crown extra sparkly!

Step 9: ​INSTRUCTIONS on DIY Wonder Woman Tiara

Make a template on a piece of scratch paper. Trace your template onto the back side of the glitter craft foam. Cut out foam gold crown piece.

Step 10: Trace a Star Shape Onto the Back of the Tiara Piece. Carefully Cut Out the Star With a Craft Knife.

Step 11: Cut Out a Small Piece of the Red Glitter Foam to Place on the Backside of the Gold Piece to Show Through the Star Cutout. Use a Hot Glue Gun to Put the Piece in Place. You Should See the Un-glittered Side of Foam for Both the Red and Gold Piece.

Step 12: Cut a Piece of Elastic That Will Fit Around the Back of the User's Head. Use Hot Glue to Attach It to the Back of the Tiara .

Step 13: Glue the Second End of the Elastic to the Other Back Side of the Tiara . You Will Now Have a Continuous Loop. Your Tiara Is Now Complete.

Step 14: Finished!!

Wonder Woman Tiara and Bracelets are now complete. Go forth and save the world!

These DIY Wonder Woman Tiara and Bracelets are awesome accessories for a Wonder Woman Costume or just to add some glitter to your day!

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