Introduction: Kid Size Shirt Box

Looking for a gift box for those tiny baby clothes? Or maybe you just need 1 box and all you can find is 1/2 of a box? No problem, in just two minutes you can take that odd gift box bottom and turn it into 1 half sized gift box. Great for gifting tee shirts, socks, baby and kids outfits.....etc

Here is what you will need:

1 piece of cardboard
1/2 of a shirt box

Step 1:

Take scrap piece of card board and cut a strip the same width as your shirt box sides.
Fold Template in half to make a crease.

(keep this for future use as most shirt boxes have the same measurements)

Step 2:

With sides of box still collapsed fold in half to make a crease and open.

Step 3:

Take template and place over box matching up the crease in template to the crease you made on your box. Trace a straight line on both sides of the template.

Do this on both sides.

Step 4:

You will now have traced four lines, two on each side of your box. Take your scissor and cut on each line to form two tabs.

Step 5:

With tabs folded outwards, fold the box as pictured on both sides.

Choose which side will be the top and refold this time going backwards.

Step 6:

Now take your box and open it up. Take the two tabs and fold them inwards, then tape into place to the bottom of the sides of the box.

Step 7:

Your almost done......Insert your gift and fold down the top.

You should now have a perfect fit!