Introduction: Kid Trax Power Wheels 6v to 12v Upgrade

I created this instructable because I couldn't find any source on the internet where someone converted one of these from 6v to 12v. Being a typical Dad I put a 12v battery in it and it worked awesome for....45 seconds until the relay board was fried. I am sure this will work for multiple kid trax 6v units, this one was the Honda 4 wheeler atv model.

This instructable will show you how to wire in a new 12v relay on a Kid Trax Power wheel. Cost was $1.58. Do this at your own risk. The motor may burn out faster as it was sized for a 6v system.

Step 1: If You Put a 12v Battery in This Will Happen...

I assumed that these units were made to 12v specifications and they are not. This 2 channel 6v relay board is under the unit in a panel accessible by 4 screws. As you can see on the bottom of the green circuit board the wire melted and acted like a fuse. Cut this out, clipping the wires as close to the board as possible and throw out the board. I mounted my 12v battery under the front axle with some wood and zip ties.

Step 2: Buy a 2 12v Channel Relay

I found this one from Chinese girlfriend for $1.58. I got a 30A for $4.54 but, make sure you have a fuse/circuit breaker coming off the battery.

Step 3: Wire It In!

On the right side of the relay board:

  • you have your + and - 12v power
  • the small blue and white wires are the "triggers" this is forward and reverse on the controller of the car.

On the left side you are building a H bridge circuit as shown in the wiring diagram

  • The big blue and white wire go to the motor (or com1 and com2)
  • when you get everything wired you will need to test reverse and forward directions to make sure you have the correct blue and white wires in the correct relay slots.
  • in the interest of time, I stripped the wire and connected a lead to make a "Y" type cable. I think took a piece of paper and cut a hole in it. I than had a can of spray plastic dip and sprayed the connection through the hole in the paper. You can see this in the photo on the red cable.
  • I have many other things going on in this 4 wheeler, so I used wire caps to tie it all together, tucked it all back in the panel and put the cover with the 4 screws back on.
  • Hopefully this will save you a lot of time, I spent too long trying to determine what made this tick.