Introduction: Kids' Purse From Empty Juice Tetra Box

I made purse for my little daughters from an empty tetra box of juice. It's very simple.

Material required:

  1. Empty juice box
  2. Gift wraps or art paper
  3. Gift stripes of similar bands

Tools required:

  1. Paper cutter
  2. Glue

Here follows the steps.

Step 1: Empty the Box

Wait till you use up all the juice or transfer the juice in other container.

Wash it properly, wipe it, and let it dry, preferably in sunlight.

Step 2: Cut and Make Holes

  1. Detach the tucked corners and make a hole in the center of both the triangles.
  2. Tie two ends of the stripe to the two triangles after passing the stripe ends in each holes in the triangles.
  3. Make a slit on the side between two triangle.

Step 3: Wrapping

Paste the paper on all the sides. I wrapped only two visible sides.

Let it dry.