Introduction: Acrylic Painting on Used Fabric

How about paiting on a discardable shirt or jeans!

Let's see

Step 1: Find a Piece of Used Cloth

Find a piece of used cloth kept for discarding. It's better is the cloth has a sky-lke texture.

Cut it in a small piece for trial. Don' cut it from the centre of the cloth.

Step 2: Check the Sides

Check for both sides of the cloth. Decide whether you want a dark or light background for your painting.

Step 3: Try Some Acrylic Colors

If you have chosen lighter side of the cloth, take a small amount of light color, else take a dark color. Do not mix water.

Try to draw cloud with a fan brush or a mountain peak with a palette knife.

Don't worry about perfaction.

Step 4: Add Elements

Try adding elements like more mountains, snowy peaks, trees or treeline, lake, etc.

Play with white color to show reflections.

Step 5: Go for Framing

If you are satisfied with the final result, stretch it like a canvas is stretched on a frame or a board.