Introduction: Kimchi and Egg Breakfast Pizza.

This is very much how I cook a very particular pizza.

All the instructions are for my electric oven and my taste.

I hope you will be tempted to try it and enjoy it.

Step 1: Ingredients


  • Pizza dough
  • Fresh egg
  • Kimchi
  • Tomato paste
  • Pizza cheese

Step 2: Topping

Put the pan in the oven to heat

Separate the egg and whip the egg white until it’s a bit fluffy (how cute is my tiny whisk)

I cut the kimchi into about 1 cm squares using kitchen scissors

Drain the kimchi

Mix it with the egg white

Step 3: First Cook

Roll out the base, (I use the sourdough discard to make a little batch of general dough each week that gets used for pizzas or tortillas)

I put it on the hot pan for a minute or so and then flip it which I think gives it a good surface to put the topping on

Put the tomato paste on the base

Put the egg white and kimchi mixture on top and put it into the oven

Step 4: Second Cook

After about 8 minutes take it out of the oven

Make a little well in the middle

Put the egg yolk in the well and the shredded cheese around the edge

Back in the oven

Step 5: Second Cook Cont

I move it to under the grill which is in the oven, so it keeps cooking with oven heat and browns on top

Step 6: Finished Pizza

Keep an eye on it, it only takes about 4-5 minutes in oven