Introduction: Kinetic Sand Stress Ball

This kinetic sand stress ball is the perfect gift for someone who has constant anxiety or they are always fidgeting, its also not as annoying as fidget spinners.


6 cups play sand

1-1/2 cups corn starch

2 teaspoons dish soap

¾ cup of water (add more if it's too dry)

12 inch balloon or the biggest you can get.

A funnel

A Container to mix and hold the kinetic sand.

Measuring cups to measure things.

Step 1: Making the Kinetic Sand

Add the corn starch to the play sand and mix together until it's well combined.

Mix together the dish soap and water in a separate container until it's fully mixed and a little bit bubbly.

Add the water and dish soap solution to the corn starch and play sand mixture and mix until it's well combined.

If the sand seems too dry, slowly add more of the water and soap concoction until it reaches a consistency you like. If it is too wet then add more corn starch, however you want to have a more watery sand because its easier to put in the balloon.

Step 2: Putting It in the Balloon

Take the funnel and pull it over the balloon.

Slowly add the watery sand into the balloon and watch it fill up.

Once it gets the the size you want, you can blow it up and let out the air to expand it some more, and tie it up. Double knot it if you are worried about it bursting.

Then your stress balloon is all done, the only left is to clean up!

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