Introduction: Kinetic Sculpture

This was my attempt at a new innovative piece of YART. It turned out very well although not what my original idea was. I did my initial design work on a CAD program. It turns out to be very easy and necessary as this was a complicated build. I have added a video of the piece in motion. This was sped up by a small leaf blower. Why? This is a very slow moving piece and at the time there was no wind. It is very likely that The piece changes shape about every hour. The best time is in the evening when there is a steady light breeze. I hope you enjoy it and if you decide to build one, let me know. If you can perfiect the way of keeping this in time. PLEASE let me know how?!>

Step 1: Designing

I was having a hard time trying to grasp my idea. So I started trying to draw it up on 3DTIN.

It is the sickest way to sketch up something. Just because I am not at all trained on it. I am not going to try and act like it. It is a web based 3d tool. No need to download or pay for. But it is not as hi tek as AutoCAD. So this is my way of taking an idea out of my head into a sketch that I can work off of.

The only other thing I had going on was probably going to look like a giant skill saw in my front yard. Don't think the misses was going to give me the ok on such.

Step 2: Parts and Tools

  1. The Hoop:8' 3/4" EMT(1)
  2. The Lock Collars:1' Rigid(20)
  3. The Bearings:1"X2" from Ebay(10)
  4. The flower:2"rigid, 5/16" all thread, sheet metal(10)
  5. the stand 11/2" Rigid
  • Mig Welder

  • Band Saw

  • Drill

  • DrillBits

  • Tap

  • Wrench

Step 3: To the Shop

The Hoop:I took the 3/4" EMT and bent it using a 1 1/4" Tubing bender. It is not the most perfectly circular Hoop. but how many flowers are perfect? I keep this as a running theme. We have better roller bearing benders but I wanted the hand made effect (any electrical supply house)

Lock Collar:I took a 3' long piece of 1"Rigid. Drilled and tapped 1/4X20, 20 pieces and then cut them 1" wide. Grinded and deburred the ends for a smoother feel.(any electrical supply house)

The Bearings are bought off of ebay. They are sealed, 1" ID, 2"OD, 1/2" wide. About $4 each

Rods: 5/16" all thread(any electrical supply house)

Flower Pedal: I cut mine out of an old Water Heater. Can be picked up at a local metal shop, dump, or your junky neighbors yard.

The Stand:Scrap plus 1" Rigid.

Step 4: Putting the Pieces Together

This is just to show how I put my timing chain together. This part actually didn't work for me but I hope someone will perfect the idea. The chains did keep it all together but it would take a small tornado to get it moving. Either way,whatever.

Step 5: To the Yard

This was the first time up,and I like it. Just needs a little paint.

Step 6: Paint

Ha ha ha.
Got me a very little painter.
Used exterior spray paint in a can.
Pink & purple on one side and blue& green on the other

Step 7: Voila

Hope you like it. Drop me a comment to let me know what you think.
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