Introduction: Kirigami Christmas Tree in Green

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Kirigami is a lot like origami, but you get to cut stuff!

What do you need? a sheet of paper and a pair of scissors. That's all!

Step 1: Turn Your Paper Into a Square

If you are using a square of origami paper, fold it diagonally and skip to Step 2.

If you are using rectangular paper--Make a square from the paper by folding diagonally and cutting off the extra.

Step 2: The Diagonal Alley

Fold the other diagonal of the square.

Step 3: Side by Side

Turn the paper over, fold in half across, and fold in half down.

Step 4: Come Together

Collapse the sides to make a square, not a triangle.

Step 5: Behold!

This is your square. Isn't it lovely?

Step 6: Get a Little Lift

Lift one of the flaps. Don't be shy. It won't bite.

Step 7: SQUASH!

Squish the flap down, center it on the fold, and crease the edges.

Do the same with the other three flaps.

Step 8:

Now, you have eight "mini-flaps."

Step 9: Cut to the Quick

Cut off the little triangles sticking out below the main part of the mini-flaps.

Step 10: The First Cut Is the Deepest

Cut across one set of mini-flaps, but not all the way to the center fold.

Step 11: Keep Cutting

Cut across that side three more times, making the space between the cuts smaller each time. Then, make four cuts on the other side.

Step 12: Know When to Fold 'Em...

Fold the bottom section of one miniflap so that the outer edge of the section gets as close to the lower edge as possible. Keep folding, but you do not have to fold the top section.

Step 13: Don't Stop Now! Keep Folding!

Fold the sections of each flaplet, until it looks like a giant cutout of a pine tree.

Step 14: Fluff It Up!

Well...Do what the title said! Fluff it up!

When you finish, it will look so good, you could almost smell that pine scent!

Step 15: Now That You Know How...

You can make a whole forest of trees! Explore the different shades of green, different sizes of paper, and different numbers of cuts on your flaplets.

Decorate your trees! Have Fun!

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