Introduction: Kitchen Decorative Glass Bottle

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Do you struggle to find a unique, easy and affordable kitchen decoration? Here's one just for you. There are times when you expect guests at home and you are tired of having the same old boring stuff always. I'm presenting you with an innovative kitchen decoration idea. Trust me, you will not need anything besides what you already have right now in your kitchen. I will share all the steps to accomplish the two different patterns. Hope you enjoy and impress your friends and relatives. Pattern 1 is shown in images 1 &2, pattern 2 in image 3 and pattern 3 in the image 4.

All these patterns are explained in details in the upcoming steps.

Have some creativity, have some fun!


1. An empty and clean glass bottle

2. Lentils, pulses and any dry solid food grains.

3. A paper

4. A good amount of patience :-)

Step 1: Make a Paper Cone

Making a cone is very simple. Refer image 1. Just rotate one end of the paper and keep the end hole of the funnel big enough for the lentils or food grains to fall into the bottle. Insert this into the glass bottle.

Step 2: Tips to Fill the Glass Bottle

I have gathered 6 types of lentils with different colors, shapes and sizes. The more the variety, the more the bottle appears attractive and appealing. Tilt the bottle at and angle and fill in the lentils. Adjust the lentils to make a 45 degree angle. Then add the next contrasting color lentils. Shake the bottle a little to make sure the angle is well maintained. Be careful not to bring the bottle to the upright or straight position until it's filled out completely. If you make the bottle flat, the tilted angle is lost. The only problem is you might end up mixing all the food grains and then have to sort them all to repeat the project. Before we move to the actual steps, I wanted to make sure you know the tips and the logic behind why it should be that way.

Step 3: Design Pattern 1

To creatively design this patten begin with split red lentils. These look really attractive sitting in the very corner bottom of this glass bottle as seen in image 1 above. Then I added green gram keeping the angle of tilt intact. Refer image 2. The next comes split bengal gram lentils. Arranged neatly as shown in image 3. After that comes the Turkish/dew gram as shown in image 3. My next choice was split and skimmed black gram lentils. For this refer image 4. Again comes split bengal gram lentils which is shown in image 4. Finally I filled up the bottle with kidney beans and the image is shown in 5. Close the lid and you have your pattern ready.

Step 4: Design Pattern 2

This design is made up of only 4 lentils as shown in image 1. I have chosen Turkish/dew gram to start with as the first choice. See image 2. Then I added split and skimmed black gram lentils to give a contrast color which is clearly seen in the image 3. This is followed by green gram arranged neatly as shown in image 4. Finally I closed the design pattern with kidney beans and this completes the pattern with the final image 5.

The good part of this project is you could always reuse the same lentils by emptying the bottle. Just that you might need a little more patience to sort and separate the lentils to create another new pattern.

Be more creative and share your patterns with me. Have some fun while your friends are on the way :-)

Step 5: Design Pattern 3

This is the most simple and easiest of all the patterns. This is a straight pattern of parallel lines of lentils or food grains. You don't need any skill to tilt the glass bottle at all. Just keep the bottle straight in the upright position. Refer image. I filled in with green gram as the first choice. Shake the bottle slightly to let all the food grains settle and align well. Next comes split bengal gram lentils. Arranged neatly as shown in the image. This is followed by Turkish/dew gram. On top of this is the split and skimmed black gram lentils. Again filled with split bengal gram lentils. Finally I filled up the bottle with kidney beans. Closed the lid and the pattern 3 is ready.

Give it a try and share your new and creative patterns.

Be creative, have fun!

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