Introduction: Kitchen Freezing Hack

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This kitchen hack is the way to freeze your food. Especially stews, sauces, minced meat, spaghetti sauce etc.

With this hack you never need to worry anymore about freezing portions and dealing with to many leftovers.

Step 1: Watch the Video or Follow the Rest of the Steps

The video shows you how to freeze your goodies like a boss.

Step 2: Traditional Way of Freezing Your Food

The traditional way of freezing your food is by packing your stews etc. in plastic bags and freezing them in.

The problem with this is that it is a pain in the *ss to defrost the items.

Proportions are to big and you are left with to many.

Step 3: The Hack

Just pud your stuff in the freezing bags and make them nicely flat.

This allows you to break portions of the slap very easy the size you want.

On the other hand the pieces will defrost in no time compared to a block of frozen stuff.

And stacking alot of items in your freezer is not an issue.