Introduction: Kitchen Pantry Renovation

Step 1: Clean Out the Pantry

First, take out all the items in the pantry. Check expiration dates and throw away unwanted and old items. Keep only what you and your family use. You should be thinking in terms of functionality! And, tying together what will be in your pantry and what will be in the kitchen cabinets. Make decisions as you go explore your space.

Step 2: Refresh and Give a New Look

You can clean out items but you should give it a pop of color to refresh your pantry! I used Aganthus Green by Benjamin Moore. It's subtle and compliments my kitchen decor. You can decorate with wallpaper or use variety of looks to compliment your style. Keep it simple.

Step 3: Use of Bin Storage Is Key

After you have discarded unwanted items, refreshed its look, now you must decide what type of storage you want to use. Such as plastic bins, wicker baskets, glass mason jars, or even repurpose what you already have. Group items that you frequently use on lower shelves, heavy items on the bottom, and infrequently used items on top shelves. Make it kid friendly by putting snacks together that they can reach without help! Use the air tight containers for powdered items and cereals.

Step 4: Helpful Tips

Keep in mind how you can make your pantry useful for you. If it doesn't work, don't sweat it, just redo as you go. Taking your time and not rushing will make it less stressful. The biggest decision is what do you want to keep in your pantry. Are the items easily accessible? Is your pantry for storing all food related items? Do you have additional storage in the house? This will give you ease as to how your pantry works with the rest of your kitchen. Happy Organizing!