Introduction: Kitchen Paper Towel Roll Dispenser From Aluminum Cans

Problem: paper towel roll doesn't unwind.

Solution: paper towel dispenser from beverage cans.


Material and equipment:
2 beverage cans
Aluminum foil
Glue or sticky tape
Card - 4 inch sq. (10 cm sq)
Snapoff knife

Step 1:

Step 2: Cut the Base Off 2 Aluminum Beverage Cans.

Cut off the bottoms of 2 cans. Trim with scissors. (Consider wearing eye protection).

Step 3:

Attach one to card with glue of sticky tape.

Step 4:

Attach other to base of paper towel roll.

Step 5: Make an Aluminum Ball

Scrunch up some aluminum foil into a ball. Press down with base of your hand so it's firm.

Step 6: Assemble

Place paper towel roll with attached can end over ball.

Step 7: Completed Towel Roll Dispenser

Paper towel roll can now unwind easily.

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