Kitchen Scraping Tool

Introduction: Kitchen Scraping Tool

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I recently attempted to cook some tilapia fish on my favorite cast-iron skillet. The results weren't that great and I needed to scrape the skillet. In the process, here's instructions on how to convert a fork into a scraping tool. It's nearly self explanatory:
  1. Using a thin permanent marker and ruler mark a line to cut the prongs off the fork.
  2. Using a vice and a hack saw, cut the prongs off.
  3. Using a sharpening stone, sharpen the scraper.
With respect to step #3, I recommend getting a decent sharpening stone. Mine is a silicon-carbide stone which I purchased at a swap meet. It's medium grit and I use it with water. The most important quality to look for is uniformity; cheaper stones tend to have pits/rocks that get in the way of sharpening.

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