Introduction: Kitty Litter Box

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When you have a cat, you don't always know where to put your litter box. It is not very pretty, the litter goes everywhere, and in a living room or in the lobby, it is not very pretty.

That's why I had the idea of building this little house that simply sits on top of the litter box.

Step 1: What Will You Need?

The good thing about this little DIY is that it's so simple, you won't need much to get a great result.

Don't hesitate to cut the wood wider than its litter tray :

  • 5 boards
  • Some stickers

Step 2: Making the Hole

As far as wood is concerned, I went directly to a shop that took care of cutting everything. In fact, I went through Leroy Merlin, you just have to give the measure and they take care of everything. It's handy when we don't have the material to make a straight cut. So it depends on your equipment.

You can make a simple square, or an arc as in my example, it's up to you, it's just a matter of style. Don't make the hole too small, the cat has to feel good and be able to pass easily.

You certainly noticed that I didn't cut the hole from the bottom, it's for the following reasons:

  • For solidity reasons
  • To help keep the litter indoors when your cat starts scratching.

Step 3: The Decoration

Even if your litter box is not very nice, it will help you not to be ashamed of it once in your living room.

Nevertheless, for your pet's comfort, it is important to choose a good model. Moreover, if I have a little advice to give you, it is to choose a litter box with a sieve, it will really make your life easier. You can find some on the Polytrans website. What will make the charm of your cat's house is of course the stickers. You can find them everywhere, just like the wood ones I found at Leroy Merlin. I opted for designs in the shape of a cat, afterwards it is each one's taste of course.

Step 4: My Advice

I'm really happy with the final result, however I have some regrets and if I had to do it again I would do it differently.

So here is what I advise you to do if you ever try to do the same thing as me:

  1. Buy thick wood, but not too much: I opted for medium wood rather thick. It allows you to sit on it for example when I put on my shoes. And my cat loves to climb on it to look out the window. But there is one flaw, though, and that is that the box is heavy. So it will depend on your strength, but I think a 5 mm wood would do the trick.
  2. Installing a cat flap: Although placing the opening a few centimetres above the floor will prevent the litter from flying out, it is not perfect. Because there will always be litter that will manage to pass, I think the best solution is to place a cat flap, I think take a simple and cheap model proposed by La Ferme Des Animaux.
  3. The opening: I think it might also be a good idea to make an opening on the side. The rendering would be nice, and above all it would make it possible to remove the litter box without having to lift everything up. Maybe by putting hinges, it could make cleaning easier.