Introduction: Kitty-proof Metal Star Christmas Tree

Cats and Christmas trees with dangling ornaments and strings of lights can be a disaster and mess so i made a metal one this year. Simple to make, cute, no mess, and the kitties even like scratching themselves on the stars!


Metal Stars, Copper pipe, Hot Glue, Tree Stump Slice, Battery Powered Fairy Lights, Tape
Tools: Drill Press, Hacksaw

Step 1: Drill Holes in Metal Stars

I used metal stars in 4 different sizes ( got these from a yard sale). Drill hole the size of the copper pipe in the middle of each star.

Step 2: Cut Copper Pipe to Desired Tree Height

Add an inch or 2 for the part that will fit into the base. I used a hacksaw.

Step 3: Slide Stars Onto Copper Pipe and Glue in Place

Starting from the second to top (smallest), slide the stars onto the pipe to the desired position and hot glue in place on the underside. I used a generous amount of glue all around the pipe to make a strong "puddle" that would hold the stars in place.

The smallest top star will go on last so it's not damaged while holding the tree upside down to add the rest of the stars.

Step 4: Drill Hole in Tree Stump Slice and Mount Tree to Base

Add a little glue into the hole and drop in the tree pipe. Once it's in the base, you can glue on the top star.
This is what it looked like before taking it inside to add lights and set up.

Step 5: Wrap Fairy Lights Around Tree Trunk

I used 3 battery powered fairy light strings and taped them to the underside of the stars. They have tiny switches so they can be turned on and off.

Step 6: Add Presents!

This is the finished tree in place on the fireplace ledge. So far totally kitty-proof. Merry Christmas!

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