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About: Greetings, Programs! I'm a BIG fan of Tron, Star Trek, Eureka, Mythbusters, Macgyver, Lie To Me, Warehouse 13, Bones, the ICanHasCheezburger website, and Instructables!!! I love doing anything having to do wit…

     What inspires me to create is the circumstances life brings to me. Lately, I worked on an AWANA Grand Prix Car that was a TRON Lightcycle! (I won first place for design!) My mom took me to Jo-Anns’ to get the supplies, and I looked up a bunch of pictures so I could get it as accurate as possible.

     I’m also just completing a 3D church for another competition I am involved in, with cardboard as a base, and several different types of paper to accent the look I’m going for. A good, wide open workspace is vital to a successful project, as are tools. I have two solid wood desks that I take over for more expansive projects.
     I always try to keep my “zone” as organized as possible so I can find almost any tool I need at my fingertips. I keep my eyes open for any new gadgets to expand my collection, and frequently find little things to aid with future projects such as plastic, fabric, string, paper, cardboard, and a plethora of other fun mediums to make the job easier.
     A clean workspace, great tools, and some good snacks :) are an integral part of a successful (and awesome!) project.

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