Knew Colt 1911

Introduction: Knew Colt 1911

About: I'm a Christian guy who plays in a band. I like building stuff with knex and Legos. And I like Lord of the rings. And thats about it...

Easy to build..........true trigger......shoots grey pieces......please comment

Step 1: Grip

Step 2: Slide

Step 3: What You Should Have So Far

Step 4: Trigger and Trigger Guard

Step 5: Firing Pin, Mag and Bullets

Step 6: DONE!!!!!'

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Question 2 years ago

can someone explain to me how the firing works and how to do step 5 because im confused

War pig
War pig

9 years ago on Introduction

Thx man.......if you build it right you have to pull the trigger to fire it

Man, you post fast! That thing is sweet looking, and I don't really feel like checking on what a real m1911 looks like for a refresher; I can just assume that you got it right. :3

And, seriously... Why are you getting so little views? You're definitely improving a lot, and I can see that you are on a rocket trip to becoming a pro builder. You seriously deserve more views... I mean, c'mon: one of your instructables has like 2 views and I'm one of them. In one day, you should easily be getting, at the very least, about 20.

Oh, and have you ever checked out my profile? I've got some pretty cool stuff, so it'd be cool if you came on down and left a comment. :3