Introduction: Kne'x 2 Shot

This is my first instructable. I am still learning how to make knex guns so sorry it is not the best. It is a gun with 2 barrels.

Step 1: Barrel

You will need:
2 red rods
6 yellow connectors
2 gray things
2 blue rods

Step 2: Still the Barrel

You will need:
6 orange connectors
5 red connectors
11 gray things

Step 3: Handle

You will need:
3 orange connectors
4 white rods
6 green connectors
4 of the small black connectors
1 blue rods

Step 4: Putting It Together

You will need:
3 white rods
2 gray spacers
2 yellow rods
2 gray connectors
2 rubber bands
1 pin thing

Step 5:

You are done!
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