Introduction: K'nex AK-74u

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This is what I believe to be the first AK-74u On this website. Since I haven't posted any thing in a while I decided to make some thing out of k'nex that I haven't seen yet. So I present to you my new AK-74u. I would like comments that help me improve for the future and not some comments saying the person rates me down because I "enhance" pieces as Perfect Duck I think would say.

Range: about 30-50 ft.
Accuracy: Good
Realistic Stock
Realistic Sights
2 Sights

Step 1: Stock

This is the stock. I'm sorry it seems a little vague.
1. Side view
2. Back View

Step 2: Handle & Trigger

Here you will make the handle and trigger.

1. Make these - these will connect the handle to the rest of the gun.
2. This is the handle and trigger guard it is identical on both sides - don't forget the grey connector in the middle of the handle!
3. This is the trigger - there is a green rod in the taped area and is identical on both sides
4. Attach one of the panels on the handle
5. Attach the other panel on the other side and add the trigger in the appropriate spot

Step 3: Barrel & Reciever

Here is the barrel and reciever.

1. This a side view of the barrel
2. This an under-barrel view.

Step 4: Top Rail and Sights

This is the top rail.

1. Side view of the top rail.
2. Top view of first half of the top rail.
3. Top view of the second half of the top rail.

Step 5: Body & Fake Barrel

This is the body and fake barrel

1. Side view of body.
2. Top view of body.
3. Bottom View of Body
4. Fake barrel

Step 6: Magazine & Firing Pin

This is the Magazine and firing pin.

1. Firing pin
2.Top View of magazine .
3. Angled view of magazine.
4. Another view of magazine.

Step 7: Assembley

Time to assemble the gun.

1. Connect Handle to Stock
2. Connect Barrel to Handle
3. Connect Trigger Guard
4. Connect back part of Top Rail to handle
5. Connect Body to Barrel
6. Connect Connect rest of Top Rail to Body
7. Connect Fake Barrel to Body.
8. Connect the magazine to the gun.
9. Insert firing pin.

Step 8: Rubber Bands & Sights

This show where to hook the rubber bands an TELLS how to use the sights.

1. Unhook the trigger guard and hook rubber band on trigger the re-connect trigger guard.
2. Hook other side of the trigger band on the blue connector on the top rail
3. Unhook the top rail here
4. Hook rubberband on the white connector the hook on firing pin (sorry for no picture) then re-connect the top rail.

You line up the grey grey connectors on the blue connectors on the top rail with the tan connectors on the other end of the top rail

You look through the horizontal orange connectors and line up the grey connectors on the side of the orange connector's hole so the Y-connector is in the middle.