Knex Ball Run and Lift Instructions

Introduction: Knex Ball Run and Lift Instructions

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Hi guys!! i got a comment saying post this so...... here it is!!=D

Step 1: Piece Count

Green: 39
White: 22
Blue: 29
Yellow: 10
Red: 7
Grey: 2
Flexi Grey: 6

1 Joint: 4
2 Joint (Straight): 5
2 Joint (Corner): 5
3 Joint: 13
4 Joint and slot: 28
5 Joint: 15
7 Joint and slot: 15
8 Joint: 7

Silver Spacers: 9
Blue Spacers: 8
Medium Cog: 4
Small Triangular Panel: 6
Chain Links: 30
Ball: 1

Step 2: Ball Lift

This is building the lift

Step 3: The Run

This is making the run

Step 4: Finishing Off

Final Step!!=D

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    How? Also re-check your piece count. You are forgetting Y clips and tan spacers as well as yellow and green stick counts.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    i got the stickz! not the clip soz wot u mean how

    Thank you very much! Every ball machine is unique in a way and this one is unique due to it's rare track usage. Good job!