Introduction: Knex Basic Weights

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  Since i use golf balls on my machines i need really decent counter weights to make them work and work well.  I use coins as ballast contained in knex capsules so that i can make up for the extra weight of the balls.

  These are the most standard ones that i would use.

Step 1: TYPE A

This is TYPE A of the capsules
Its best suited to coins 13 - 20mm in diameter which includes the US$ penny

Step 2: TYPE B

This is probably the least useful of the capsules but it uses the least parts and thats always a plus
Its suitable for coins 26 - 29mm in diameter

Step 3: TYPE C

This type suits coins 12 - 40mm and is probably the best and most versatile

Step 4: TYPE D

This is the most secure type but its hard to prise open afterwards and can only take small coins.  However its brilliant for containing marbles or bearings.
It holds coins 4 - 20mm

Step 5: TYPE E

This is the mightiest of the basic weights. 
It can contain coins 11 - 40mm making it suitable for the largest currencys

Step 6: Filling

The only other step after making them is filling them.
This one is filled with AU$0.20 coins coming to a value of $4.80.