Introduction: Knex Breech Loader Gun

This gun can, when complete, shoot up to twenty meters.
It fires small black or green pieces.
Sorry, lefties, it is designed for right handed people, because I am right handed.
It fires one shot at a time, with a three second reload if practiced.
Will out-shoot all other slide types.
Is a breech loader, not a muzzle loader.
Below is the completed gun, with easy grab ammo clip.

Step 1: Pieces You NEED

You need everything I tell you. WARNING! This picture is an ESTIMATE! I left out some peices, so the numbers aren't accurate. OK, now read this list.

2 size 6 gray or black rods
5 size 5 green, beige or red rods
4 size 4 gray or yellow rods
7 size 3 blue rods
14 size two white or silver rods
22 size one green or black rods, plus ammo

5 blue rings
4 gray rings
1 Knex brand black rubber band
1 small orange piece with a peg (see picture)

The only mistake I made with connectors is that you need about five more small gray singles.

Those are some of the things that I may not have pictured accurately. The connectors in the picture are the connectors you need. Now, get all the pieces together, because it is time to start!

Step 2: Part One - the Handle

First, build the two pieces shown in the leftmost picture.

Then, put them together using the two gray pieces with blue rings, like in picture #2

Lastly, add on the extra connection and the trigger rest, as shown in the last picture.

Step 3: Part Two - Important Parts

Now we need to build the Slide, Trigger, and Ammo Holder.

Just build the things in the pictures, and set them aside, for now.

Step 4: Part Three - the Barrel and Breech.

First, build the main barrel, using the trigger made in the last part, as shown in picture #1.

Then, add the breech, as in picture #2. You need to attach the brown peg connector first, then slide it down so it is sticking into the dark gray piece.

I sadly do not have a picture for this, but you need to put on a green piece that is very important.
Put it on from the leftmost gray piece all the way to the back of the gun. if you are not sure, check the COMPLETED GUN picture in the intro.

There, now the gun is beginning to take shape!

Step 5: Part Four - the Back End

Now, get all of the large gray rings on four of the size 3 pieces.

Then, starting at the green size 5 piece put on in the last step, attach the ringed pieces to the last two white connectors, with the gray ring between the white connectors, as shown in picture two. (You will have sore thumbs.)

Now it is time to attach the handle. Connect the size one pieces on the top end of the handle to the corresponding slots on the bottom of the two white connectors, as shown in pictures 3 and 4.

Step 6: Part Five - Barrel Extension.

First attach four size 2 pieces to the white disc connector in the middle, between the green rod and the blue rod.

Then attach green and gray size 5 and 4 pieces to the foremost white disc connector, as shown in the picture.

If you could find the gun-sight orange piece, attach it as shown.

Step 7: Part Six - Rubber Band

It is pretty simple. Attach the rubber band by pulling it around the ammo clip and the nearest gray rod, then pulling it back, as shown in picture 2, around the bottom of the trigger to the slide, which by now needs to be inserted into the back of the gun.

There! The gun is complete!

Step 8: Firing Instructions

First, pull back the slide until the trigger clicks. Then, pull a black or green piece off of your ammo storage clip, and, using the breech, push it back into the barrel against the trigger. Now, pull the trigger by sliding the beige piece to the left. Be sure your fingers are not in the breech as the gun is being fired. It is not fun, as the slide will crush it. That is not fun. After the gun has been fired, simply pull back the slide and insert another bullet! Do not aim at other people, animals, or breakable things.

There you go, one Knex Breech loader gun!