Introduction: K'nex Colt .25

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I believe this is the first, if not one of the first K'nex Saturday Night Specials.  Another name for this gun would be The Nano TDS.  Also, I'm not sure if this would meet the definition of a true trigger, so I won't say it is.  Constructive criticism is welcome.  However, I WILL NOT tolerate spam or profanity, regardless of whether it is directed toward me or someone else.

Range is surprising for its size
Decent Tertiary Weapon (Backup gun to your backup gun)
Easily concealed

5-round mag
Slow to reload
6 modded pieces (However, 4 are optional)

Well, what are you waiting for, build it!

Step 1: Magazine/Lower Frame

Pretty simple, just follow the pics.

Step 2: Barrel/Upper Frame

Again, follow the pics.

Step 3: Trigger, Magazine Follower, and Ram

A picture says a thousand words.

Step 4: Assembly, Loading, and Firing

The pics speak for themselves.