Introduction: Knex Compact Bow




8 Green connectors
8 White rods
2 Blue washers
4 Green rods
2 Wheels (without tyres)
1 Red connectors
1 Gray connector
1 Normal sized thick rubber band
1 Red rod

Step 1: Handle:

Take 2 green connectors and attach them together with a white rod. At the end of each connector, attach 2 green rod.

Step 2: Connecting the Handle:

Take 4 more green connectors and attach them by the ends to the Handle.
Then put both handles on top of each other, and attach a white rod to the green connectors. In between the white rod, attach a white rods with 2 washers on them. On the bottom of the middle handle, attach a white rod with 1 grey connector.
Next, attach the white rod and gray connector to the Handle.

Step 3: Connecting the Bow String:

First get 2 wheels, (without the tyres), on to an rubber band and twist both wheels in different directions 4 times. Put in the wheel holes 2 white rods to attach to the Handle. Attach them to the Handle.

Step 4: Making the Arrow

You make the arrow by taking the Red rod and attaching a Red connector with 2 white rods attached to the ends. You are now finished! Your bow should look like this: